Nikki (Star’s Dad) identifies as both male or …A former art teacher from Arkansas has been arrested on charges of first-degree sexual assault after she assaulted several students, one of whom was underage at the time.

25-year-old Jessie Lorene Goline has been charged with allegedly sexually assaulting four students.

During the ancient times, fortune tellers were highly recognized, but at times ostracized because people feared the art of their “magic.” Palmists believe there are many different ways to tell the future based on someone’s hand.

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During her …For those who live in Canada, it’s hard to really understand the madness that is America’s medical billing.

But one woman has done a great job in showing just how frustrating it really is.

If you could go back and stop yourself from doing something you regret, would it change your life?

If it was then changed, how did you go back in time to stop it in the first place.

The reactions are …If you live in or even just visited Texas, it is highly likely that you have seen fence posts or trees that are painted purple.

So many people have seen this, but not everyone really know what it means or that you should stay away from these purple fence posts …Heidi Renton was a 31-year-old soon-to-be mother and she was married to Craig Renton who is an RAF engineer.A glossy and smooth fingernail that have moderate hardness indicates good health.Demi Lovato is a superstar and an icon in pop culture. Not only has she been successful in both her music and acting careers, but she was also selected as one of Time magazine’s most influential people in 2017.As I also mentioned, the fingernails can also play a key role in determining a person’s health.This is not just a fortune teller technique, this is also true in the world of science as well.The length of the pinky finger can determine three types of people. Before I get into the three major types of people the pinky finger can determine, I want to touch base on the three lines that palmists use during palm reading.