So there’s the angry Melissa and the morose Michael stirring things in the Pad.There was also the very happy Blake and Holly who went on a ski trip and, according to script, were gone together for a full 24 hours.

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The best male kisser was determined, by female vote, to be contender Blake.

Goodness, Blake is certainly a fellow constantly in trouble with the females in the Pad. A major part of Blake’s problem, WAS, I say “was” as she is no longer a problem, the volatile Melissa, may God Bless.

The concept of the kissing challenge is for each female contender to kiss all the blindfolded male contenders and the reverse, males kiss the females.

Each contender then votes for the best kisser of all he or she kissed.

Keep tuning in to my column here on The Morton Report because we’ve got snark, speculation and scrutiny aplenty after each episode. She has been published numerous times in the Chicken Soup for the Soul and Cup of Comfort book series and wrote for Blogcritics.

She has written a few books and vows to write till death does part her from the keyboard. Understand that this is a challenge that gives a “safety” rose to each male and female winner that they cannot be eliminated at that week’s rose ceremony, plus the challenge winner gets to go on a romantic and dreamy outing with the BP resident(s) of their choice.Thus all contenders with an impetus to win the grand prize of a quarter of a million dollars want to get the title of best kisser.Which is why I asked in the title line just what the heck happened between Michael and Holly?I know they had been engaged and I know they broke up.Of course Kasey’s fear of castration by Melissa wasn’t unwarranted but I’m not convinced his assertion was the stuff to pass FCC scrutiny.